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Heroes who are still sung
Many of them were visionaries. They were like close family members. The Thiruvanmiyur family still remembers them although they left us whilst still they were members. We are talking about members who died in harness, leaving an indelible mark in our hearts.

A great organiser, a trade union leader and an All India figure in banking circles. He was a talented Table tennis player –a family gift as his younger brother was a state player. His circle of friends was wide and connections with public leaders were enough to get funds and organise Club activities in a fitting manner. The family hospitality shown in the meetings held in his house has to be experienced to be believed. His wife Krishnaveni was a highly talented dancer of Kalakshetra and performed in many countries around the world.

His ever smiling face and his ringing voice brought cheer wherever he went. As Charter Member his initiative and contribution since the initial years to the club’s growth is significant, especially in health activities. He had a kind word to each and every member of the club. His wife Lalitha was actively involved with the Lioness Club. As he was a popular figure in Adyar area, he was able to rope in many members and also volunteers for projects. His sudden and unexpected death in 1989 was a big blow to our Club.
It was his dream to start a blood bank for Lions. Then Governor Dr. Rabindranath, took Ln.T.G.George to his Hospital and had useful meetings with him. We wish he is alive to see the great success of this humanitarian project.

G.K.Damodar Row
Born in a Maharashtrian doctor family he veered to the legal field and rose to the position of Chief Judge of the Court of Small Causes. He joined Lions Club of South Madras and served as Deputy District Governor (1967-68) of our District, then comprising the three states of Kerala, Madras and Pondicheri. He excelled in the field of extension for which he received a special award from the International. He switched over from LC South Madras to LC Thiruvanmiyur when he moved to Thiruvanmiyur. He was an honorary member of the club. Nevertheless he regularly contributed for projects and also collected donations from foreign devotees of Sathya Sai Baba who visited Puttaparthi. A fatherly figure, he used to help the club by periodical donations to its projects, gave a lot of encouragement to participation by Lion Ladies and played a very valuable advisory role.

He was actively associated with the Orthopaedic Centre at Andhra Mahila Sabha and it is said, even provided a sum in his will for the welfare of its students. He was kind and whole heartedly service minded. It is said that once as he was driving along the Marina beach, he saw a poor man carrying his dead child’s body for cremation. He stopped the car and walked along with the man up to the cremation ground.

He was an ardent devotee of Sathya Sai Baba. His later years were closely associated with Baba as he moved to Puttaparthi where he spent his last days.

This Charter member always attended club meetings with his family members. Long back, he had shown way to the concept of Lions family. Royal was always very quiet, so also his wife. Their charming daughter took an active interst in all the club activities. Every smiling Royal was an ideal host for Board meetings or to any member calling on him on club or personal matters. A very well designed and decorated house of Royal used to tempt us to visit him often. He develop the famous company, “Devi interior Decorators” into one of the leading firms in that sphere and it was later looked after by his son. He passed away in January 1985.

In the initial stages of this club, we had more than six Venkataramans as our members. This Venkataraman was called “Motor” Venkataraman. He was theowner and the editor of a magazine called “Motor” and he also published other business magazines. He was always at the meeting venue well before time. A very knoledgeableman, he always kept the members is good spirits by his classical jokes. He was a very good organizer. Members eagerly looked forward for the Board meetings in his house. His contribution to the fund raising programme was very valuable. The old members of the Club really miss him.

CH.Nagaraja Rao,
He was the Charter Treasurer for one year. However he was both official and unofficial treasurer for all his years with Lions Club of Thiruvanmiyur. He was a very unassuming person and a very participative Lion in all service activities. Even when no duties were specifically assigned to him, he plunged into action. He met with tragic death when he went to attend a marriage at Srirangam in January 2003. The marriage hall caught fire and in the ensuing stampede, many lives were lost. He died while rescuing people caught in the fire. He is remembered for the Ladies Nites he organised at his mother’s bungalow, T.Nagar for many years.

This dashing young man, an Engineer by profession, was full of energy and initiative. As Secretary and President he made the club visible in the Dist. An outspoken person, he was always raising his views and opinions at Board Meetings. He was a Zone Chairman and held one of the best Diabetic Awareness Programmes and exhibitions at Adyar Bus Depot, where over 1000 people were screened. His lion lady Mala Hariharan was also a Lioness and the couple used to host the board meetings in their house in a fantastic manner. His death came suddenly at a very young age.

This senior executive of a multinational company was inducted at a District level ceremony. People were struck by his personality, demeanour, stylish accent and good English. Despite his open criticism of points he differed on, people accepted him. While he was President, his business connections came in handy for projects and for fund raising, which were almost always accompanied by complimentary Nestle drinks. He was a vibrant Zone Chairman and held a few District Chairman’s posts. As District Chairman, IT he compiled a very interesting and informative booklet which took the District by storm. Because of his earlier stint as Sub-editor, The Hindu, he did an excellent job as Editor of “Amongst Us”. However for health reasons he went into a shell towards the end. He left a very big void in our Club by his sudden passing away in November 2005.

S.K.Ibrahim joined our Club in May 2000. A very quiet person, he was one of the most regular member in attendance. He was awarded Lion of the Year 2004-2005 because he had attended all the Board and regular meetings without fail that year. He loved traveling and had visited many countries. Despite poor health he last visited Australia – New Zealand in April 2006 not heeding family members’ advice. He died while on this tour and was brought home with great difficulty.

Dr.D.V.L.N.Sastry, 2 Yrs. Director
Senior Radiation Oncologist at Cancer Hospital. Had a very dignified demeanour. Was regular in attending meetings and functions. Had been regularly donating money for the Club’s activities Brought a big contingent of doctors for one of our health camps. When he turned seventy, he donated Rs.5000 to the club’s projects. As Chairman of the Greeter Committee he performs his role in a unique style. Lion Lady He conducted a cancer screening camp at Medical Centre using a big contingent of cancer specialists. He died after a brief ailment and left a big void in the Club.




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